Always by your side! ♥

When the sweetest time isn't as sweet as expected; We will help you!

When the sweetest time isn't always as sweet.

We will be there, every step of the way! ♥

About us

Maman Cigogne is the realization of a dream.

As a former Peruvian Midwife, I was lucky to be trained by the best professionals in Canto Grande, Lima – PERU.

In 2004, I moved to Montreal with a dream in mind. I pursued a Nursing career at College Maisonneuve and a year later my calling was so strong that I returned to the Obstetrical world.

I became a Labor and Delivery RN, but this time at my current Professionals home.

In 2015, I became a Lactation Consultant while working at one of the busiest Montreal’s birthing center.

This experience has enriched my knowledge and now it is my turn to share it with you.

There is nothing more satisfaying than to bring a beautiful healthy baby to this world and to have parents who are pleased with their birth experience!

Our Express Services…


Lactation Consultant

As comforting and healthy as breastfeeding can be, it is not always easy to achieve.

We will support you from the very first day while you are recovering from birth and help you achieve a successful breastfeeding.

If you need us, we will come to your home!


Prenatal Classes

Have you ever wondered:

What MD’s, RN’s & Midwives know? What language do they speak?

Would you like to be the savvy one? We are the RIGHT TEAM for you!

My midwife background, Labor & Delivery nursing practice and the years of experience working shoulder to shoulder with various OB_GYNs will be at your service. Ask away!


Breastfeeding Classes

Thinking about breastfeeding?

Are you prepared for what is coming?

Breastfeeding is a natural process.

BE PROACTIVE and learn all about it.

We are here to guide you!


“Rosa is a wealth of knowledge regarding prenatal and postpartum health and well-being. She is always available and a constant support. Her technique regarding breastfeeding helped immensely and gave me the tools to achieve my nursing goals. We cannot thank her enough. Bravo on such high quality care!”

Machaela M.

“Thank you for all your help. Things are going well. We are getting use to this routine and our BB girl has surpassed her birth weight last week! Yay!”

Valerie A.

“Excellent service, she has been very helpful in order to achieve my breastfeeding goal. ♥”

Myriam L.F.