Our Mission is:

> To guide you every step of the way from pregnancy to labor & delivery and throughout those first few weeks where your whole world could be upside down.

> To make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our Objectives are:

> To provide you with the most accurate information.

> To help you understand this process.

> To help you make a well informed decision.

Our Services

are given in:

> English.

> French.

> Spanish.

♥ Stages of Breastfeeding ♥


Are you pregnant? This is the best time to prepare before baby comes!



Baby is here! The feeds are not going well and you are struggling with pain and Baby’s weight.


You want expert professional advice. You call a Lactation Consultant!


You have got breastfeeding down! You are confident and ready to take on on your OWN!

Lactation Consultant Services

While the rest of the world thinks that breastfeeding is the most natural thing, there are some challenges that come along the way.

These challenges, if left unattended, can affect the normal bonding/transition mother/baby and also affect the self-esteem of the new mother and father.

Allow us to help you…

Breastfeeding problems:

  • Latch pain, nipple damage, thrush.
  • Low-milk supply or over production,
  • Blocked ducts, vasospasm, engorgement and recurrent mastitis.
  • Want to learn about new breast-feeding position.
  • Want to learn about herbal and diet nutrients to increase safely your milk production.
  • Twins and premature babies latch issues and supplementation on the breast.
  • Low-weight gain, sleepy baby. Have a fussy baby and must supplement with a bottle
  • Want to stop using a lactation aid.  Pumping your breast and use the correct tool.
  • Tongue tie assessment and referral to other Colleagues – Healthcare professionals.


*It is important to coordinate the visit in order to see an entire feed.*

To DO during visits:

Weight the baby prior & after feeding. (Except in certain circumstances).

  • Do a Physical assessment of the baby.
  • Assessment of Feeding & latching, capacity to transfer milk, level of hydration & biological funtions.
  • Assessment of sleep pattern and promote infant safety sleep.
  • Evaluate your milk production capacity.
  • Depending on the situation, we may need to do a mother’s physical exam.
  • Determine if the lactation aid size is the correct one. (If there is one).
  • We will give you a list of material to buy.
  • Depending on the problem, we will develop a UNIQUE plan to be follow.
  • Facilitate access to scientific information according to needs of the new family

**Maman Cigogne will go to your home to help you correct those little problems. If you think that you need other lactation gadgets and/or want to feed your baby in other place than the regular one, ask us, we will be delighted to help you.**♥

♥ We have a plan for each one of your needs, see below.  ♥

Pre-natal package

Are you 30+ wks and want to ensure your BF success? Meet our LC prior delivery and ensure 1 post-natal visit at the hospital or at the comfort of your home.

Cost: $ 300 for 2 visit.

*The Pre-natal visit of 60 min is not a breastfeeding class. 

**Transportation fee may apply. See FAQ.**

Post-natal Home visit package

Initial Visit:  $160 CAN ( 1.5 hr visit max ).

Follow-up visit:  $100 CAN ( 1h visit max).

**Transportation fee may apply. See FAQ.**

Second opinion package

As a new parent you have the right to do so.

To ensure success, we offer a cycle of 2 visit of 1h each.

Cost:  $280 CAN.

Visit plan:

1st Visit: assess the problem and develop an action plan.

2nd Visit: adjustment of action plan to ensure successful breastfeeding experience.

 **Transportation fee may apply. See FAQ.**

Office visit package

*The visiting hours are to be arrange prior arrival to office*

Initial Visit:   $140 CAN ( 1.5 hr visit max).

Follow-up visit:  $90 CAN (1h visit max).

Frenotomy exercises package

**The first 48h post-Surgery are crucial. During this time, there is a high risk of tie re-attachment. **

Your baby just had Sx (Frenotomy) and you are not sure if you are performing the exercises correctly? There is always a better way to do it. Call US!. ♥

Cost: $ 200.00 CAN per 4 visit.

We will be happy to go to your home to do the exercises and to teach you how to do it correctly. During this time, you can ask all the questions you may have.

Telephone package

If you have several MINOR questions that would like to ask the expert, now you can do it. 

Cost: $ 50 for 30 min/ per call.

** No diagnosis, nor treatment will be done over the phone.**

We strongly recommend to have our LC see you at least once. ♥

Telephone plan review

*This service is aplicable to those clients that already saw our LC and are looking for a little adjustment on the plan already stablished.* ♥

Cost: $ 50 for 30 min/ per call.

Method of payment

Payment must be made prior reservation of visit or at arrival time. **Make sure you fill-out our subscription form**


  1. Send an e-transfer to info@lactationmamancigogne.ca
  2. Credit card payment via Square (See FAQ).

#MamanCigogneApproved. – Thank you ♥

Location of our services

Our services are at the privacy of your own HOME or at our office. 

We must observe a feed to be able to identify the problem and then develop an action plan.

Lactation aids

We believe on “Hassle FREE service” . For this, we decided to have in stock some lactation aids.

The lactations aids are NOT free and we will sale it to you at store price. Ask us!

Feeding Tube set $ 10.00 each

Nipple Shield $ 15.00 each

**We will include the price on the receipt**

*UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGES while staying with us.* ♥


We know that breastfeeding could be troublesome for new parents. Please read below! ♥

Do I need to fill out the subscription form?

Yes!. It is important to fill out this form completely, because it provide us with additional information prior our arrival to your home.

Call us. ♥

Cycle of visits

We prefer to reserve a minimun of 2 visits per cycle in order to ensure close follow-up and/or readjustment of care plan.

For those, presenting multiple issues, we recommend to reserve a cycle of 4 visits, but is TOTALLY up to you to decide whether this is convenient or not. ♥

How long the visit last?

The timing could vary, but the maximum time is 1.5h. We do NOT accumulate time.

During our 1st visit, we will focus on the resolution of the main problems.

Minor problems will resolve during the implementation of the action plan and the progression of the lactation physiology. ♥

What happen if the visit extends?

We understand that babies can be super cooperative and at times they could be too sleepy to wake up and perform.

We will try to accommodate you, but After visit the time is expired we will charge $2.00 per minute.  

Do I need a second visit?


Depending on problem, some problems DO requiere a second visit, others problems require more visits with a new plan of action in order to prevent more problems.

Remember you are not alone, We will support you from distance! ♥

Do I need to perform a surgery on my baby?

There are many factors that influence the decision to do a Surgery.

The size of your baby’s lower chin is one of them.

We prefer to implement certain actions before advicing an invasive surgery.

Our policy is to avoid surgery IF NOT needed. Speak to your consultant. ♥

Is there an age limit for a breastfeeding consultation?

No! As long as your problems are related to breastfeeding you can look for a Lactation consultant. Call Us! ♥

Do I need to keep my referral to a BF-clinic?

YES! It is important to keep your appointment even after you contacted us.

After our evaluation, we will tell you whether or not it is necessary.

It is important to cancel this appointment when no longer needed. All clinics have a waiting list of 2-4wks.

Which pump is best for my needs?

As a new parent lack of sleep is your new everyday norm!

Time efficiency is priceless.

For this reason, WE RECOMMEND a double pump, regardles of the brand. Though in certain circumstances, we may ask for a “Hospital Grade double-pump”. Ask us! ♥

Should I take breast-milk-herbal stimulants?

Herbal stimulants are the 1st line of treatment to a low-milk-supply, but not all of them are right for you.

Time effect may vary from one woman to another. Speak to your consultant before starting one. ♥

Why do I pay a transportation fee?

In order for us to go to your home at a time that is most convenient for you and your baby, we require a car that is tune-up and ready to fly! 🙂

For those living beyond a 5 km radio, a $10 transportation fee will applied at every home visit. You can always verify with google maps.

**This fee will NOT be applied to those that come to see our LC at MMC headquarters.** ♥

Why do I pay a transaction fee?

This fee is applicable to payments via SQUARE.  

Credit card: $2.00

No transaction fees will be applied to e-transfer or cash.

Will I obtain a receipt?

YES!. We are GREEN-GEEKS! All our receipts will be submitted electronically.

If you pay by SQUARE, an instant receipt will be sent to you right after the transaction.

If you do e-transfer or cash, there will be a 48 -72h delay to receive your receipt.

Make sure you provide us your email. ♥

Are the LC services covered by insurance?

Our fees are FULLY reimburse by all insurers as Nursing fees. ♥