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COVID19 Precautions


We are past the sanitary emergency, yet the risk of infection is still there. But, we are willing to help all mothers who are experiencing breastfeeding problems. You should not be left out alone!

 I will both should be wearing a mask as we will be very close to each other.


Please, if you are experiencing any FEVER, COUGH, LOSS OF THE SENSE OF SMELL or TASTE.. let’s do…

Personal biography

Maman Cigogne is the realization of a dream. This is a career path that I had chosen long ago and it is the product of a long professional road.

My Peruvian Midwife background along with my Nursing and Lactation consultant skills are placed at your service.

As a former Undergrad Scholar from USMP, I had the opportunity to work in one of the poorest areas of LIMA- PERU. This experience allowed me to practice ancient non invasive procedures to help women to cope with pain. This unique experience enriched my life forever.

In 2009, I graduated from the Nursing program at College Maisonneuve. This allowed me to work in different specialties, but my calling was strong and I returned to the Obstetrical world once again.

In 2010 I found my professional home. One of Montreal’s busiest birthing center opened its doors to me and it was a great experience that will stay with me wherever I go.

2015 represented a huge year for me.  I became a Lactation consultant while working at the hospital. Also, I started to work with Dr Macfarlane at Clinique Origyne. She became a professional mothering figure, a mentor and friend who I respect deeply.

Working at CO and the busiest birthing center allowed me to provide care in a multicultural environment. These valuable settings brought me countless opportunities to learn from different cultures, to understand their approach to pain and the diversity of their understanding to labor.  This allow me to learn and grow not just as a person, but as a professional as well. I learned the value of each person and the importance of their roles as part of the working team. Also, I began to understand the specific needs of the new parents to be and help create their “New Parenting TEAM”.

As a newcomer myself, I do understand the needs of those who came to this country and have no family locally nor a guide that will facilitate access to the many services available. We are here to provide the information needed.

Pregnancy is a unique stage of life, a SENTINEL EVENT that if developed in an foreign environment could quickly became an overwhelming experience. Allow me to help you make it a wonderful experience.

IBCLC level 2

2017 opened new opportunities to me!

My expertise has grown to a level 2 Lactation Consultant. Now, I give support to all Nurses & IBCLC’s of Montréal.

This means more knowledge and experience at your service.

Nothing will make me more happy than to ensure your breastfeeding experience becomes the one you want it to be!

I am here to help bring out the best version of you!


Machaela M. ♥

“Rosa is a wealth of knowledge regarding prenatal and postpartum health and well-being. She is always available and a constant support. Her technique regarding breastfeeding helped immensely and gave me the tools to achieve my nursing goals. We cannot thank her enough. Bravo on such high quality care!”

Myriam L.F. ♥

“Excellent service, she has been very helpful in order to achieve my breastfeeding goal. ♥”

Valerie A. ♥

“Thank you for all your help. Things are going well. We are getting use to this routine and our BB girl has surpassed her birth weight last week! Yay!”

R. C. ♥

“Rosa was extremely helpful, easy to contact and quick with appointment bookings. She gave me the same day appointment for the day I contacted her. Rosa found the issues, and taught me ways to help them. I found her very thorough, pleasant and helpful!”

Resi R. ♥

“Rosa is extremely knowledge when it comes to breastfeeding facilitation. Not only does she take the time to listen to my concerns, she is also amazing with our little one. In addition to checking in with me frequently outside of visits to see how we were doing, she is also always available to answer questions/ provide support. Her technique regarding breastfeeding helped immensely and if it was not for her help and support I would have given up breastfeeding altogether. I cannot thank her enough for helping us!”

Megahn P. ♥

“I am so thankful to Rosa for helping me and baby to try and breast feed again after she found that he had a tongue and lip tie; something the hospital nor the clsc had checked. Rosa is just an email away from answering all my questions and concerns which she does quickly! I am hopeful for my baby to breast feed because of Rosa!” ♥

Ani D. ♥

“Rosa is a wonderful person and I do not hesitate to recommend her for her doula services and postpartum support.
Having her there by my side for the labor and afterwards really helped ease my fears and I was able to recover very quickly from childbirth. ♥”

Kayla Z. ♥

“I absolutely recommend Lactation Maman Cigogne! Rosa is knowledgeable, attentive and very friendly…she makes the entire experience comfortable and leaves you feeling reassured! :D”

Angela O. ♥

“I was struggling with a low breast milk supply and then it almost disappeared entirely 3 months in, but with Rosa’s knowledge and help I was able to relactate and get back on track to feeding my baby boy more of my own milk again. I would definitely recommend Rosa to any new mom, and will enlist her services right away the next time I’ve got a newborn!”

Laura M. ♥

“I found Rosa through a simple Google search, and so happy I did!

Rosa was able to do a home visit shortly after I contacted her for breastfeeding support. She confirmed that the baby had tongue and lip ties and referred us to a pediatric dentist for laser revision.

Following the revision, Rosa came to the rescue when she knew we needed immediate assistance. Even though she was sick, she offered to hop in the car and drive out (50 mins away) to help us right away, something I’m not sure anyone else would do! Rosa responds promptly to emails and texts. Five stars!

Happy to have found someone who gives great service. Breastfeeding is very hard work if you need help look no further!”

Sabrina S. ♥

Rosa is great! She is a true professional, very attentive, knowledgable, punctual and honest. She really helped me with Breastfeeding positions and gave me more advice then I had asked for, which was very helpful.

I would definitely refer her, knowing in full confidence that she will give the best advice and service!”

Our Express Services…

Lactation Consultant

Pain during latch?

Baby has low weight gain?

Worry if you re doing correctly?

We will support you and help you achieve a successful breastfeeding.

We will go to your home!

Postpartum Nurse & LC

Are you tired or sleep deprive?

Want to have a professional at home? Now it is possible!

We will guide you along the way to help you develop you parental instincts and achieve your goals. Call us!

Breastfeeding Classes

Thinking about breastfeeding? Are you prepared for what is coming?

Breastfeeding is a natural process.

BE PROACTIVE and learn all about it.

We are here to guide you!

Prenatal Classes

Want to understand  and be proactive with MD’s, RN’s & Midwives?

My midwife background, Labor & Delivery nursing practice and the years of experience working shoulder to shoulder with various OB_GYNs will be at your service.  Ask away!

There is nothing more satisfaying than to bring a beautiful healthy baby to this world and to have parents who are pleased with their birth experience!

What is an IBCLC?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®) is a healthcare professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding.

An IBCLC is certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners® (IBLCE®), independently accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

An IBCLC works in a wide variety of settings, providing leadership, advocacy, professional development, and research in the lactation field.