Is it necessary to prepare for Breastfeeding?

Most pregnant women feel the joy and excitement of becoming pregnant. That wishful thinking that has become a reality. But, after the excitement wears off mostly after that dreadful 1st trimester, you may start to feel a little panic. It is then that you realize that you may know a thing or two about babies, but taking care of a newborn, all by yourself, is a different game!

Second trimester is generally the time where all mothers feel energized and began to look prenatal classes, labor and delivery information, and start engaging conversation with others moms-to-be. This is the time where new parents take the time to research and buy all the necessary elements needed for the baby. Around this time moms-to-be begin to hear about the wonders of breastfeeding and you actually start to read, watch videos and ask others of their experiences.

Unfortunately, we tend to overestimate breastfeeding. Nowadays, we believe that reading books and listening to all advice is preparing us for what is yet to come! If you are like me, in 2015, you may even think that “It is a natural thing and I should be able to figure it out!”  WRONG, just wrong!

However, nowadays we are changing that perspective, IBCLC around the world are taken upon the role to normalize breastfeeding. We are using social media to make breastfeeding widely known and by supporting the community online or in person we are informing every single woman that yes, breastfeeding is wonderful, but is a hard thing to DO!

What is an IBCLC?

An IBCLC or an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is a specialist in breastfeeding. We not only have a vast understanding of the anatomy of the lactating mothers, but also the anatomy of the newborn and the understanding of the composition of the breast milk and its benefits for both mother and baby.

We work with the world health organization baby growth charts. We believe that exclusive breastfeeding is not only baby is on the breast. We promote breastfeeding over formula and this position is based on scientific evidence.  

Making a difference

As a Midwife, Nurse and IBCLC working at a hospital full time and in a small part-time private practice, I am here to say that I have seen a fare share of experiences. From fresh newborns to older babies who come to my clinic walking.

I have walked into homes in times of crisis. I have seen parents at their peak of their stress. I have supported women of all ages and all backgrounds and my biggest reward was to see a smile along with their body relaxation and calm after my interventions and expertise was placed into work.  

In private practice, everytime I receive a call, I am humbled to know that I was chosen among other colleagues. It is a privilege to have families entrusting me their precious babies and to trust my words blindly. The responsibility is big and I am always happy to deliver.  

In Conclusion

Seen an IBCLC prior your delivery can ensure you a proper evaluation of your breast, can help you learn and learn about breastfeeding positions. Will ensure you an understanding of your needs and it will give you the confidence to identify when things are not going well and when you may need to see a breastfeeding specialist.  

If I speak from my experience, I will say that Breastfeeding is like tossing a coin, either everything goes well or it will be a cascade of difficulties. The difference between success and failure is how soon you reached for an IBCLC or a BOOB EXPERT!. 😉