Father’s days was created thanks to the inspiration and long life effort of Sonora Louis Smart Dood. Her father a widower with 6 children to raise was an example of fatherhood. Dood realize that there was a need to celebrate Father’s Day after hearing a sermon on Mother’s day. She was 16 when she drew up a petition for the first Father’s Day. This petition did not see the light and then she began to ask small churches and communities to celebrate this day. The celebration took off in Washington and then it began Dood’s life mission.

It was until 1972 that Father’s day was recognized as a National Holiday and this was signed by President Nixon. From this day on, every 3rd Sunday of June, we celebrate the demanding yet gratifying role of fatherhood.

Over the years, the nature of fatherhood has shifted. Most Father’s are no longer the breadwinners and they are more involved in childcare. With the changes in our society we no longer see the classical role. We have stay home dad and mom who work full time.

Nowadays, we can see different types of families from single parents to same sex parents and they are fulfilled with as much love as any standard family.

Father’s Day is a celebration of those who assume the role of parenthood and endure the challenges, because the reward is much bigger and much more gratifying. Parenting should not be defined by sex, nor limited by the standard believes of others. If a father has in his heart to care for a child then they should be allowed to do so regardless of gender identity.  

June is the month where we celebrate pride and this is the month where we praise our fathers and our partners for the amazing role.

On this day, we thank them for sticking around through thick and thin, for being patient and dealing with the problems as best as it could be done, for being there, for listening and for sharing the load. We could not be able to do this without you! Your support made the difference in times of doubt and in times of weakness your strength help us move forward.   

Perfection does not exist and it is time to say Thank you, You Rock!