During my working years I had seen multiple healthcare-professional & healthcare-workers working together towards a safe delivery, with a healthy mother & baby in mind.

Unfortunately, within the last years there has being a growing culture of misunderstanding of the healthcare system and the mislabeling of healthcare-professional.

Yes, I have to acknowledge that not all of us “school educated in the health-field” are the same. Still, I dislike the fact that some people are labeling/targeting professionals with the sole purpose of getting nototiety & jumpstart their business. For this reason, I advise you watch out for those!

During the past years, there has being a constant fight for the recognition of the “work territory” placing the clients in the middle of a negative environment. It is during this time that the client is left unattended and usually PRECIOUS time is wasted. It is then that their LACK of ETHICS & ZERO PROFESSIONALISM shines.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I witnessed this excess many times. It broke my heart to see women crying, feeling lost because the situation they were facing was never explained to them nor they were prepared for. They had no idea of what needed to be done and their healthcare-worker was only paying attention to the healthcare-professional questioning and interfering with the caring methods and obstructing vital communication MD-RN-MV-patient.

It was then that I put my foot down, I raised my voice and send away the obstructive subject. Yes, I sent away the so called “healthcare-worker” because the constant interfering was taking precious time when an emergency was in place. I have ZERO guilt over that.

Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for other healthcare-workers that come with our clients and help them achieve their desired birth. Luckily, these scenarios repeated many times and helped us leave behind those bad times.

Have you heard of the NY minute?? In obstetrics everything can go well, but everything can quickly go wrong in less than a minute. In obstetrics time is PRECIOUS! This is the main reason why it is important to choose a “healthcare-worker” that advocate for her client with an open mind and who helps build bridges of communication, who in no way disrupts the care that the client should receive and most importantly has no hidden agenda.

Advocating for the patient’s rights doesn’t mean getting your way. Advocating for the patients rights means facilitate access to the most accurate information and help them make the right decision at the right time. This is the most HOLISTIC way to care.

For this reason, I encourage new parents to read and learn on the subject, to ask questions, ask to be inform in detail of every step of the process and in no way allow negative interference. This is a recipe to success and I believe is the best way to ensure safe care.

Speak with you healthcare provider. ♥