Early on in my life I lost the most important female figure a woman can have, my mother. During the following years, I had the luxury to be surrounded by several exceptional female role models.

Growing up in PERU allowed me to be surrounded by family and friends. During this time, I had the privilege to witness how women breastfed their children while not thinking of it as the “most important and best option available”, but as the most natural option.

During this time, I had zero curiosity to understand the process itself. I could see women breastfeeding left and right and not a thought in my mind intended to question the process. It was all natural to me and as we used to say “just plug it in and figure it as you go”. Yes, as brutal as it may sound. It is part of our tradition to figured things out at every step of the way, because we had our mothers, sister, cousins, aunts that run to our help when we needed.

Looking at the past and still now, I could see the different living conditions among 1st & 3rd world nations. Nestlé’s market focus in 1st nations where most of women work and the “idea of giving a bottle” to a tired mother runs WIDE and WILD.  Yes, Nestle knows what they’re doing and knows how target women in their weakest time.

Nowadays, we are capable to look at the past and we see how generations passed and with them the knowledge of breastfeeding was forgotten. We could observe how lesser women breastfed and the popular knowledge, once a norm, became a scary thought. At this same time, we could see how breastfeeding became a “problem” and how “the new natural thing” was to give a bottle instead of the breast.

Yes, this was my first Professional-Canadian cultural shock. To me, going for a 20h breastfeeding class was more like: “what is there to know, just plug it in!” Yeah, I know, that was a little jerky from my part, but I had common sense or I thought!?!. Let me tell you, I will just say that I was AMAZED! No, it wasn’t as simple as that! Yeah, big auto-Slap! Lol!

The science behind it was the first thing that attracted me. I literally had flash backs of past experiences that in the face of this science made a lot of sense. Secondly, my curiosity and my desire to help took place and I was happy to put in practice ancient empiric knowledge that it was passed to me unintentionally. And just like that, I was hooked! I had found my niche in 2010, since then, I started to walk the walk and at every step, I made my way towards IBLCE.

Nestlé is a 70 billion money making industry that makes their business to hide important information that could be detrimental to their gain. It is here, where we IBCLC’s comes into play. We are a force of nature that is meant to break patterns, we are here to endorse those that came before us. We are here to continue their work. We are here to inform the population and to allow them to make a well informed decision.

Yes, Maman Cigogne said it: “KNOWLEDGE is POWER”. It is incredible to have people still not knowing that artificial milk is made out of cow’s-milk. It is shocking to see the reaction some parents have when we inform them about the 4-fold risk of SIDS registered since the instauration of artificial feeding, the lower IQ levels, the increased risk to auto-immune disease, obesity, etc., and let’s not forget of the economical detriment caused by the cost the artificial milk and the healthcare bills that you may pay due to the health issues related to artificial feeding choice.

Early 2018, I had the luxury to assist to a conference where I met 2 WORLD well known advocates of breastfeeding. One of them started to endorse breastfeeding at a time that I wasn’t even born! Yeah, I saw myself in her and I had my 1st view of my fellow colleagues.

AUGUST is our Breastfeeding month, this is the time where all IBCLC’s rejoice and walk tall to let people know that we are here to change the world one class at the time, one mother, one husband at the time and why not one feeding experience at the time!.

Here is a recognition to our work and to our efforts. Maman Cigogne thank you for your effort!

Happy BREASTFEEDING month to all IBCLC’s in Canada and around the World!. ♥