Nursing services.

Sleep with confidence!

“You are not just paying for the extra hands, but for an expertise that can only imagine it will seem worth its weight on gold!” – Parents guide.


Nurse, Mw & IBCLC


You deserve nothing more than the best service. 

*Have the most competent care at home!*


Private-Rooms or Private SERVICE?

Our goal is to allow your body recover peacefully in the comfort of your own home. Less stress, less noise, less interruption, MORE BONDING TIME!

COST: $ 200 per visit. (1.5hr) 

What we will DO:

  • Full maternal physical assessment and vital signs.
  • Pain management and medication compliance.
  • Parental adaptation and sleep.
  • Postpartum bleeding progress.
  • Perineal care.
  • Physical evaluation of the newborn.
  • Weight check.
  • Newborn care.
  • Billirrubine check.
  • Newborn test (21days).
  • How to bath your baby.
  • Breastfeeding support and ensure proper transition.

Schedule:  If you left the hospital within 24h post-delivery, We recommend at least 3 daily follow ups to ensure your safety and well-being. (Waiver consent require to engage our services). 

** Specific conditions apply. We provide distant follow-up for the 3 days required.**

Call us. We will answer your questions.

Ani D. ♥

“Rosa is a wonderful person and I do not hesitate to recommend her for her doula services and postpartum support.
Having her there by my side for the labor and afterwards really helped ease my fears and I was able to recover very quickly from childbirth. ♥”

** Our services are reimburse by health insurances.**

Night Nurse

Say no to Sleep deprivation!

Sleep is essential during the recovery time. We will take care of you and your baby while you sleep.

Our main goal is to allow your body to recover peacefully. We will listen to you and answer all your questions.

Having a midwife, nurse and a Lactation Consultant at home will ensure your success and speedy recovery!

COST: $ 300 for 8h.

Sleep with confidence with Lactation Maman Cigogne Night Nurse Services.



>> AVAILABLE ONLY ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY. (apologies for the inconvenience)